Welcome to the Boat Garage

With the addition to our family of a cute little 26′ Nordic Tug, Wigeon, comes the necessity of a warm, dry place to keep it. Not in the bay water, where critters and slime can proliferate along the vessel’s bottom, but out of the water, on its own trailer, on dry land.

Hmm…that doesn’t preclude moisture from rain then, does it?

So Larry discovered he could buy and erect a large shelter for Wigeon at the nearby Hilton Marine Yard. The shelter will hold our boat, and the guys at the boat yard will hoist it on a sling into the water whenever we are ready to go. They sling it out of the water for the return, too.

Early in the day

Rod (r) and Charley (c) look at the third assembled rib as Bob looks on.

Today, Larry assembled a group of great guys to help assemble Wigeon’s own parking garage. If watching old guys on ladders makes you nervous, you might want to skip this post. Tomorrow, the “skin,” a super strong polyethylene covering, goes over it for the finishing touch.

Team of 5

Guys are well along, just a few more ribs to erect.

Team of 2 vs Team of 5

Steve and Bob, Team of Two, race along one side!

old men on ladders

Old guys on ladders…this make anyone nervous?

mostly up

It’s mostly up now!


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