Red Letter Day!

Okay, I know what you are thinking: Larry poured the super-strength concrete into the holes in the garage floor just a little over a week ago. The “by the book” explanation holds that the concrete isn’t finished curing for 28 days.
So, exactly what is he doing installing the lift just 8 days into it?
While it is true that Larry can be patient when patience is demanded, if he isn’t 100% certain about patience being demanded, he gets on the phone. Phone call recipients may shudder, but the man Gets Answers.
So he called the makers of the concrete, and prattled on until (30 minutes and 4 people later), he got the chief engineer. Larry told him the weight of the lift, how long the concrete had been down, and BINGO! He got a much more satisfying answer. Concrete, he was told, cures very quickly in the first week. From then on, it cures very slowly. So after the first week it’s almost as strong as it’s going to get.
The compromise solution was to go ahead and place the lift in the garage, drill holes in the concrete and bolt it down—BUT! Only tighten the bolts enough to hold it in place. In another three weeks, he will finish tightening the bolts down into the concrete.
During the past 8 days, Larry has gone over the instructions every day, highlighting the important parts. Of course, the very first instruction presumes that you already have the posts upright. Big assumption. Kind of reminds me of the old Volkswagen maintenance manuals where, with just about any repair, the first instruction was “Remove engine.” Yikes.
How fortunate we are to have Pat, our favorite shirttail relative, and a former oil field roughneck who ain’t afraid of nothin’ and knows what’s what. Take a look at how they did it:

Yes, they did remove the Corvette from the garage for that trick! With Ferris Buehler-like stealth, they rolled it out onto the garage apron (and I was at the wheel, trembling lest I steer it into something…)
Next trick, plumbing the “goal posts.” Hey, at least there were instructions for this part!

And finally, to make sure nobody accidentally knocked one of these down, Larry secured them with bolts. Later on, they’ll get tightened more, but for now this will do. He rented a really big rotohammer for this part of the job. The dust, the dust…

Fabulous result. Now we Ferris the Corvette silently back into the garage and call it a day. For now.

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