The Lift Has Landed!

It wasn’t enough that it was pouring rain. Or that the delivery guy showed early, and off-loaded the 1600-pound lift at the BOTTOM of our awesome (as in “fear-inspiring”) driveway. Look closely and you can see the excavator and Pat’s truck and trailer rig waaaaay down at the bottom of the driveway. To take this picture, I wasn’t even standing at the tippy-top of the driveway, but about 10 feet down. (Yes, we hear a lot about our steep driveway. But the bocce ball court, there on the left? Just for the record, that’s flat as a pancake.)

Intrepid friend, Pat, was there with his major truck and trailer. Using the excavator to gingerly pick up the whole package, Larry positioned the lift in the back of  Pat’s rig. And just like that…thar she blows!

Here is a shot of the lift safely inside the garage, nestled next to the Corvette, with which it will soon be well acquainted.

The next challenge will be to get the thicker concrete pads poured into the holes that Larry has punched, with the radiant floor heat hoses he has repaired, and which he has so exquisitely rebarred. To me, the rebar looks more like sculpture…too bad to cover it with goup. So look quick. It’ll soon be gone!

Glad I got a shot of Michelangelo sculpting his rebar (above), and a shot of the result (below).

So the holes are ready for the concrete, that’s true. Later in the week Larry and Pat and the concrete guy will figure out how to transport 2/3 of a yard of concrete up the driveway. Many options “on the table,” except NOT bringing a big concrete truck up the driveway. We’re looking for an option that is both feasible and safe. Stay tuned.

Once the concrete is in…then will come the hard part for Larry. You can tell the man’s excited when he takes a photograph of the instruction manual for the lift. Right?

Well, sad to say, the concrete must cure for 28 days before the lift can be installed. That’s 28 days. Same length as one entire menstrual cycle. But I must say, I’m trying to remain in a better mood than THAT!

Meanwhile, Larry must be patient, hard as that is. He will have to WAIT to install his lift. It will be about as much fun as watching concrete cure.

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